Course Description:

Abseiling is an exciting adventure activity and it is often run in combination with rock climbing at no extra charge. It can be still be a great day done on its own involving several abseils during a session with progression such as size, blindfolded, big jumps, and even Tandem Abseils.

Who's this for?

People with no experience of climbing or someone wanting a refresher of the basics. This is also great for indoor climbers wanting to get some experience outdoors.

What we will cover

  • Tying into the end of the rope

  • Belaying your climbing partner

  • Efficient movement on the rock

  • Methods to minimise risk whilst climbing


  • Auchinstarry Quarry - Glasgow

  • Neilston Quarry - Glasgow

  • Other Location of your choice

In Brief

  • Half Day

  • Outdoor Climbing Experience

  • 1:12 maximum ratio

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Check our our open courses or get in touch to arrange dates that work for you. If there's no open courses, then we will open one for you. Private bookings can be run at any time.

Half Day Price

£60 per person (Individual booking's require a minimum of 2 people in order to run)

£200 per group of 6 (Private booking's)