Introduction to Sport Climbing

Course Description:

Sport climbing is the easiest way to convert from indoor climbing to outdoor rock climbing, as such the popularity of sports climbing is on the rise. So why not join us on an introduction to sports climbing course.

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Who's this for?

People with experience 'seconding' outdoors or leading indoors.

What we will cover

  • Crag and route selection

  • Efficient movement skills

  • Belaying a lead climber

  • Clipping Quickdraws

  • Rethreading the top anchor

  • Abseiling

  • Understanding climbing ethics, grades and guidebook


  • Benny Beg - Crieff

  • Other locations are optional

In Brief

  • Full day or Multiple days

  • Private Instruction

  • 1:2 max ratio

  • Learn to sport climb


Get in touch to arrange dates that work for you.

Daily Price

£250 for 2 people

Sport in Portland
Sport in Spain
Sport in Spain