Learn to Lead

Course Description:

Many climbers find it challenging to make the leap from top rope climber to lead climber. This course takes you safely through all the pitfalls of lead climbing on an indoor wall and opens a whole array of new routes for you to enjoy. In order to get the most out of your “learn to lead” session, we advise that you can climb 6a on top rope before booking this course.

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Who's this for?

Those who already have indoor climbing experience looking to push to the next level.


You should ideally have a minimum of 12 months climbing experience and able to climb on top rope comfortably at grade 6a

What we will cover

  • The risks involved with lead climbing.

  • Lead belaying

  • Falling, holding a fall and lowering to the ground.

  • Clipping quickdraws

  • Route Choice

  • Mental preparation before setting off.

  • Effective communication between leader and belayer.

  • Types of rope and other equipment

Rock Climbing Indoors
Rock Climbing Indoors


  • The Edge Climbing Wall - East Kilbride

  • Your local climbing wall

In Brief

  • Single or Multiple days

  • Private Instruction

  • Learn to lead climb

  • 1:2 maximum ratio


Get in touch to arrange dates that work for you

Daily Price

£250 for two people 

(price includes wall entry & equipment hire)