NICAS Level 1: New Climber

Course Description:

The level one course introduces you to the basics of climbing whilst being assessed at a level of understanding of knots, belaying and climbing movement.

Completing this course does not guarantee you will gain the NICAS Level 1 award, some participants may require extra practise in order to meet the minimum skill levels required by NICAS. 

Who's this for?

This is an entry level aimed at novices that recognises their ability to climb safely under supervision. No experience required. Ages 7+

What we will cover

  • Nicas Level 1 Syllabus

  • Climbing Equipment

  • Tying into the end of the rope

  • Belaying your climbing partner

  • Movement Skills


  • The Edge Climbing Wall - East Kilbride

In Brief

  • 6 Hours Coaching (2x3 Hour Sessions)

  • Climbing Instruction

  • 1:6 maximum ratio


  • Private bookings can be run at any time.


Each 3 hour session will cost £300 per group of up to 6 participants

(This includes NICAS Registration fees, wall entry, equipment hire & logbook)

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